wayfinding project
 Assignment: free choice 'Walking through the city is for me the same as being afraid to get lost. It's a fear I must overcome.' - Romé (born blind) 
Being blind it is very hard to navigate through a city. They usually do know which road they have to go to the left or right, because they can easily remember a map, but to actually go left or right is almost impossible to do. Because the noisiness of the city, it is very hard to focus on the ambient. In order to improve the minimal function and placing of today's tactile pavings, I figured out how a blind person could move more easily in the city.
 These Voorsortegels (a dutch equivoke: 'Pre-sortiles') are designed to give the blind more freedom while walking through a city. 

In this project, I focused on my love for wayfinding and information design.

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3D printing, lasercutter, ceramics, vacuum mold, cement