Romeo and Julliet data design project
 Assignment: make a data visualization of the story of Romeo and Juliet, written by Shakespeare. I wanted to figure out in what time of the day the acts were playing. (the book consist of 24 acts and 5 scenes) Shakespeare says no exact time in the story, and wrote things like: 'Romeo awoke from a lark.' With a little research you come to the conclusion that these birds whistle 80 minutes before sunrise, then you have to figure out what day it is ('2 weeks before the first of August') and which year ('the big earthquake is 11 years ago') the last thing you have to figure out is on what time the sun rises at the 17th of July, 1591. That is 5:20, so - 80 minutes: Romeo woke up at 04:00 that day. And so on. What I figured out, surprisingly enough, is that most of the acts are playing during the evening or night. I reprinted the book and used a book binding style with double folded pages: on the front you can read the book, at the inside of the book you see the color of the time of that day. When you turn the book upside down, you will see a pie chart with all the colors of the acts.