166.66 m2 for everyone data design project
 Assignment: visualise the database 'soil base' of CBS Although there is about 166.66 square meters to live available to each Dutchman, the average inhabitant of Amsterdam is already pleased with 1/3 of it.
In Amsterdam you have to deal with an average of 53.2 square meters to live on, while the inhabitant of Rozendaal (Gelderland) are more lucky with an average of 418.88 square meters.
Of course, this is not quite a fair comparison, because Amsterdam has got a 55,740 times more inhabitants than Rozendaal. But still the difference is pretty remarkable.

To clarify this difference, I made a map of the Netherlands in which everyone has as much place to live, based on the fact that for each Dutchman as a detached plot available. 
Now, where would you rather live?

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(Source: CBS, bodemgebruik 2012)