Het Dakplan: 
information design
 Graduation assignment: free project 
The Netherlands can flood every day. 5% of the Dutch inhabitants have got an emergency package for this, while more than 50% live in a risk area. What is a suitable emergency exit for when the dikes break? Since roof tiles are the most commonly used material for roofing in the Netherlands, I can cautiously conclude that more people have roof tiles than an emergency package. No strange comparison when you can convert a roof tile into a rescue device. Although the Dakplan (roof plan) is the rescue tool, the reassurance it conveys is the most important. The feeling that people can survive a flood, but above all the reassurance that people do not panic, because they are no longer able to think rationally. The Dakplan is a modular set of identical, hollow, plastic roof tiles that you can slide into a float. With a buoyancy of 5kg each, everyone can put together their own buoyant weight. I can say that the Dakplan serves both physically and mentally as an emergency exit: a warning of possible danger, a motivation technique to get victims in the most safe place (the roof) and a possible rescue device to survive the flood.

lasercut, ceramics, mold, plastics
Photo 1 by Daniek van de Ven
 an emergency exit when the dikes break